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About Us

Info-string furnishes breaking news about finance, technologies, economics, politics, investing and more. The news sources are leading universities, scientific journals and research organizations. Callers can browse about 350 individual topics covering different fields, such business, stocks, investing, etc.

Stories are posted daily. They are selected from press materials provided by hundreds of sources from around the world. Our information products provide accurate, fair and trustworthy information that helps businesses become more sustainable, professionals make confident decisions and run businesses better.

Info-string.com team consists of 5 developers, 4 journalists and 1 jester guy who makes the mood and atmosphere inside the office. The company strives to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and expects employees to observe all applicable health, safety, environmental and labor laws. Every day we deliver the latest news, tools and financial insights for the purpose of moving markets, informing critical decisions and empowering top companies.

We are on a mission to bring the accurate information to the world!

Our contacts

Antakalnio g. 17, Vilnius 10312, Lithuania
Vilnius Tech Park ( TV3 HUB co-working space )

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